Friday, April 20, 2012

We're still here! Again, life is busy with not much to report but the day to day "life" things that are too boring to share.
Quick updates on everyone:
Samuel- happily scouting and earning his way to Northern Teir for this summer. He's also getting ready for Philmont next summer. Thrilling that he has these chances. I haven't measured, but I'm sure he's passed me in height by now. Denial works for a while:) he's getting ready to test for Memory Master. I so enjoy how he goes off by himself to study and comes back excited about his progress.
Catherine- still happily spending time with friends, doing school with Caleb, and planning her business, "Weeds No More." She will weed all your flower beds for $5. We're looking at getting her back in ballet this summer in prep for the fall. She's missed it and I know it'll be quieter this year, somewhat, so she can make use of her talent. She has also been going with me when I teach my knitting class. Nice to have extra hands to help. She's also working hard for MM.
Hannah- has a new pair of shoes with purple butterflies on them. Her class went to the zoo this week, and she was able to tell me three things she saw. School is still very fun, as is her PT time at home. Her hair is growing out again, reminding me of when she first came home. I'll let it go a little more, but I won't be able to let it get much longer or we'll be dealing with the hot, heavy hair we dealt with the summer she came home. Too much to comb through and too hot for OK.
Caleb- learned what the 5 little monkeys did. He was jumping away on the bed telling Samuel how he would get some apple sauce in the morning if he behaved. Hmmm Next thing you know, he's crying and dripping blood from his mouth. Best thing for that is sleeping with your mom, and daddy finding some place else to sleep. He looks a lot better today, but provided a great example of how our immune system works, which we'd just been studying with the older 2. He's learning to read and mostly enjoys it. The best part is when he sees a word in a book that he knows.
Hank just got fixed and has one of the funky collars like the Little Rascals' dog had! Chasing the cats is a lot harder now!
As for the adults, life is good and full. We've been able to drive together the past few weekends we've gone to Branson. How much better to ref the kids and read to Buddy while we drive than being the driver. We're reading about Benjamin Rush. Amazing Founding Fathers we had.
Have a great weekend!

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