Wednesday, June 22, 2011

This traveling back and forth has been really interesting. In our little slice of heaven, we have no internet, but we do have a printer. Down home, we have no printer, but we do have internet. This past week, I managed to leave the phone at home, so we had no communication until my dad played delivery boy on his way to their property Friday night. Very odd, very quiet, not practical, but kind of nice.

Saturday, we went to visit dad and help him get some projects done. I drove his little tractor and mowed for several hours. I'm sure it was pretty comical. I forgot my tennis shoes at home and had run out of clean shorts. I was wearing his straw hat, a t-shirt dress, and flip flops. I sadly missed part of my shoulders with the sun screen and am just now getting over the painful stage! Fortunately, the kids faired much better. We hlad little chairs under the awning of their 5th wheel for the 2 littles. Catherine alternated driving the 4-wheeler by herself and giving the littles rides, one at a time. It was so fun watching their faces. At one point, Caleb wanted to ride with me, so he sat on my lap and snuggled in, holding on tight and patting my back. Samuel helped Grandpa use an auger, a post hole digger, and shovel for the pole barn they're building. By the time we were ready to go, everyone was bushed, but had had a great time. Needless to say, bedtime was pretty easy.

Sitting up on that tractor made me think of my Grandpa. He was such a neat guy. I still remember him riding the tractor, with his straw hat, chewing on a weed. My Grandma was an amazing gardener, my mom is an amazing cook, but I can drive a tractor like my dad and grandpa!

Buddy wasn't able to come for the weekend, so we left earlier than planned to spend most of Father's Day with him. Right out to the tramp they went to play with Daddy!I was thankful we still had blueberries left from our picking! I made a blueberry pie that was soooo good! That finished up the berries, so we had to go out yesterday morning. I'm not sure if we were any faster, but we did get a good amount, and decided that we were going to keep them all, and not do any on shares! A lady asked about strawberries, but the guys told her it wasn't the right season. S&C had gone off to find blackberries, which they couldn't, and came back with a bucket half full of strawberries!

I wanted to take a picture of our stained fingers. However, by the time we got home, I got things into the house, and was ready to take the pictures, the little munchkins had used hand sanitizer to clean their fingers off! Mine are the only really dirty ones. But it was worth it!This I didn't realize until AFTER the picture was taken. Little stinkers! Blueberry cobbler was our dessert last night. I made some strawberry and some blueberry jam, and froze a bunch of blueberries. The cobbler was good, but Buddy wanted that pie crust again. Guess I'll just have to oblige him!

We're getting ready to head out again this afternoon. Buddy IS coming at some point, and I believe he's bringing a washer and dryer! How nice not to have to bring laundry home, or run out of clean essentials! I think we're getting better each time. Figuring out how to pack and grocery shop is getting easier. The Lord is helping us.

Off to finish up laundry and clean up the house. Have a great week!

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