Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Great news! All the parts are ready to put together on BOTH sweaters! What I'm finding is that finishing up is more challenging than all the work in between. Isn't it like that in so many areas? I'm just ready to be done and let Samuel enjoy his gift, and hope that Caleb will fit in his, since it seems a bit on the large size. Oh well, something to grow into.
We had our ST eval today. Taken a long time to get it going, but I think it was ok, allowing her to adjust and gain some more English. She drops all her end sounds and has some other issues that I'm sure they'll be able to help. So, 2 days a week we'll be seeing Ms. Alisha. Caleb sat in with us and was answering the questions before Hannah could. After a few times reminding him that Hannah needed to answer, he was quiet and played nicely with some cars. When we get home, we'll have our OT and PT evals. The goal is to coordinate our times there so we don't make a bunch of trips each week. It's only about 4 miles from our house, but interrupting school, packing everyone up, and keeping them focused on their work would be the challenging part.
I made it to the yarn store today and got help on my hold ups. (I was up until almost 1 last night working on C's because I was stuck on S's.) Got to visit with a friend while I waited for the store to open, then zipped home to take S and 2 friends for a little outing to celebrate his day. The boys were so well behaved and won some nice things from all their tickets.
Back home to pick up Catherine and off to Awana.
Still so much to do to get ready to go. Plus, we finally got into the Pediatric Dentist. I'm so interested to hea what they say and find out how they can help her. Hopefully that will help with her chewing.
Off to attach a hood and sleeves...

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Alice said...

Finishing is my least favorite part! That is why I prefer knitting in the round. Have you ever checked out, Knitting in the Round, by Elizabeth Zimmerman? Knitting the Old Way, is another great resource for traditional knitting which is seamless.