Thursday, November 5, 2009

New opportunity

I think last month I applied for a grant pre-approval. We were denied for certain reasons beyond our control. In a moment of inspiration, I sent an email explaining the situation and left it at that. Yesterday I got a phone call saying my email made sense, they'd taken it to the board and approved us for application! Thank you, Jesus! It's in the mail, on the way here, and I hope to get it taken care of before the weekend is over.

We also had to get some of our immigration paperwork updated by the 4th. Background checks had to be repeated and we thought would come here. However, I found out they'd gone to our social worker instead. Then we had one more piece of paperwork I'd left, thinking when I got the background checks, I'd take care of it. This was the weekend and nothing could be done. I asked friends to help me out, and none could. However, I waited in a waiting room Monday morning for 46 minutes, begging for mercy and help. Just as I was getting ready to tell them I'd come back later and possibly miss being able to get our paperwork in, out comes just the lady I needed with my letter. I rushed home, got it to my SW, and was only 5 minutes late for school. Our SW got everything in in time and we should be hearing back soon. I was so thankful!

There's a song we sing that says, "Everything's working out for my good, and for God's glory..." I keep seeing that over and over and am so thankful.

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